recent attention to what areas?

9 month 21 days, the first China International Horologe Exhibition (CIWE) held in Beijing Exhibition Center in China World Trade Center, this is the first concept, BASEL WORLD SIHH salon transplanted to the Chinese grand feast, including Athens, Kunlun, Seiko, nearly 30 brand appearance watches exhibition.

A: the Swiss watch in recent years the rapid development of China, not the same people who wait-and-see attitude, don't even look. In recent years, the watch industry in technological innovation and to restore the traditional creation have new development. As for the said there is no change in my life, there is! Let me live pressure change (laugh). However, benign collection method will bring the motivation for the work, the life of self adjustment process.

Q: recent attention to what areas?

Q: in the past few years have been open column, the Swiss watch, the skill is more and more deep, can we share the watch for your life brings changes?

Sina luxuries dialogue Allen Lin

A: I'm the most surprising is to see a lot of independent tabulation people participating, they have always been low-key work, high-profile sell tables, each piece of Swiss watches are sold millions of. This exhibition is that they value the Chinese market, discussed with industry friends, everybody thinks generally, the economic crisis, the Swiss watch invigorated the luxury brand is the Chinese market.

Q: after the financial crisis, the Swiss watch prices repeatedly rise, some people say that now is a good time to invest the watch, ball replica watches do you agree with this opinion?

Q: what's the feeling of the China International Watch Fair?

A: I do not agree with this view, watch more interest, if want to watch, I am afraid it is difficult to get return. Now, the whole world and Chinese auction is very concerned about the watch, but compared with antiques, paintings of the market, watch value-added is not explosive. I think, the watch was first used to top gun replica watches use, and other investment. For example, you like diving wear diving table, like sailing a nautical tables, depends more on interest. Of course, the watch is certainly are increasing, such as when the economic crisis can make watches replicas money, but can not change back into the original value, depending on their own ability.

A: art, the Swiss watch, tea, tea market too much fake tea, is not standardized, need to be adjusted.

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