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recently, China Electronic Commerce Association digital service center in Beijing issued the "2011 China e-commerce industry research report", the report shows, online shopping has become a growing network consumption is the most important driving force, is expected in 2011 China's online shopping market transaction scale will reach 763410000000 yuan.

traditional brand to wade through electronic business field, whether the smooth grafting? The network brand floor shop, once again into the traditional channel this piece of the Red Sea, what for what consideration? Further aggravate channel competition, and whether the impact on the formation of traditional brand?

online shopping online shopping market tide traditional brand enter into

"this year we have in the electronic commerce of Kung Fu, pat pat a net to have FC Official flagship store." Guirenniao brand center director Wang Zhidong for the traditional enterprises have waded electric business said, "because the traditional brand is now in the high input, high cost, low profit business model, and faced with the development of electronic commerce, many sports brand enterprises have thousands of billion of online shopping scale, which makes the bright younger generation, have made the business. But at the same time, the electronic commerce business relationship to arbitrary price, fake, changing the keywords. This is the enterprises should focus on the."

is the to the Internet. In sports brand, Hongxing Erke as early as 09 years on the establishment of e-commerce team, take the lead in the traditional enterprises into e-commerce first step. According to Hongxing Erke Electronic Commerce Deputy General Zeng min introduction, "in the beginning, the project team formed, composed from various departments assigned personnel, now developed into a 30-40 person team, commodity management, the first from the enterprise good channel development breakthrough, and gradually expand to the other plate. But like shooting processing, logistics delivery, order processing flat plate still use outsourcing."

and cheap mbt shoes this, Hongxing Erke has China is suggested, mbt shoes shoe enterprises do e-commerce in the selection, preparation work more fully, for the understanding of electronic commerce of choice, if the traditional brand, mbt shoes price the rapid expansion of distribution, as pat, Taobao like this big platform to develop. As the platform, can have a lot of advanced, fine things. If the brand has its own reputation, needs and customer groups docking, can choose the similar to Jingdong Mall and B2C shopping mall cooperation. In addition, some just for intervention, like two or three line brand, once the people gave the advice is to brand trust mode, mechanism is similar to the soxu this agent, training their own category, and then quickly cut into the electronic commerce mode.





This corner will shed the light on the joint Egyptian French scientific activities in the field of Hepatology. It will also show the calendar of the coming scientific meetings in Hepatology.





5th Annual Scientific Meeting between TBRI and Beaujon Hospital: 29 May 2011


Professor Philippe Ruszniewski

Autoimmune Pancreatitis

Professor in Faculty of Medicine, Paris VII Denis Diderot University

Head of the Gastreoenterology Pancreatology Department, Beaujon Hospital


Professor Hesham El Khayat

Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy: Theodor Bilharz Research Institute Experience

Professor of Hepatogastroenterology

Theodor Bilharz Research Institute


Doctor Olivier Corcos

Ulcerative Colitis: State of the Art

Gastreoenterology Pancreatology Department, Beaujon Hospital


Doctor Richard Moreau

Mechanisms and Consequences of Bacterial Infections in Patients with Cirrhosis

Director of Research at the French NIH (INSERM, U773), Head of the Team of Complications of Cirrhosis. Consultant in the Liver Unit, Beaujon Hospital


Professor Wahid Doss

The Egyptian National HCV Control Program: Outcomes and Challenges

Head of the Egyptian National Committee for Control of Viral Hepatitis


Professor Patrick Marcellin

Recent Advances in HCV

Professor in Faculty of Medicine, Paris VII Denis Diderot University

Head of the Viral Hepatitis Research Center

Hepatology Department, Beaujon Hospital



Past Meetings

The Egyptian and French contact in the domain of Hepatology has taken recently a strong push by the agreement signed between Beaujon Hospital and Theodor Bilharz research Institute in February 2007, the coordinator of this agreement is Professor Philippe Ruszniewski from Beaujon Hospital and Professor Ahmed El Ray from Theodor Bilharz institute. Three successful meetings has been achieved between both sides till now You can consult in the future the lectures of this meeting.

TBRI-Beaujon Februray 2010

and was animated by the presence of? :

Professor Philippe Ruszniweski: Management of severe acute Pancreatitis

Professor Patrick Marcellin: State of the Art Lecture: Hepatitis C. The Cure

Professor Fran?is Durand: Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Perspectives and Limitations

Professor Olivier Farges: Resection and Ablation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma


TBRI-Beaujon March 2009

and was animated by the presence of? :

Professor Philippe Ruszniweski: Current medical treatment of pancreatic endocrine tumors

Professor Patrick Marcellin: Current Therapy of HCV

Professor Jean Mantz: Principles of Anesthesia in Liver Cirrhosis

Professor Ahmed El Ray: Prevention of HCV

Professor Yasser Samhan: Anesthesia in GI Endoscopy

TBRI-Beaujon March 2008

and was animated by the presence of Four head of departments at Beaujon Hospital in addition to Mme Christine Welty the director of Beaujon Hospital ?Clichy The meeting was animated by :

Professor Philippe Ruszniweski: Causes of Recurrent acute Pancreatitis

Professor Dominique Valla: Portal vein thrombosis in chronic liver diseases

Professor Valerie Vilgrain: Imaging of Cirrhosis

Professor MHN Chanoine: Bacterial infection in Liver Cirrhosis, the microbiologist point of View

Professor Moataz Hassan: Liver Diseases in Egypt

Professor Laila Abouelfadl: Long term H. pylori infection from gastritis to malignancy

TBRI-Beaujon February 2007

and was animated by the presence of :

Professor Philippe Ruszniewski: Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Recent Advances

Professor Tarik Asselah: Current progress in the Treatment of Viral Hepatitis

Professor Valerie Paradis: Hepatitis C: The Pathologists View . Usefulness of the METAVIR scoring .

Professor Maha Akl: Hepatogastrointestinal Schistosomiasis


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