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Welcome to this website which is intended to share the Egyptian and French experiences in searching on, and caring for, liver diseases. For reasons that differ, liver diseases are most frequent in both countries. In both countries, complementary expertise has been gained. The interaction between Egyptian and French hepatologists is expected to bring a more holistic view of Hepatology. By comparing our findings in our respective patients we want to gain insight into what is common and what differs, and thereby to reach a better understanding of liver diseases. By confronting the achievements of care for liver disease in our two countries with different levels of resources to be allocated to heath care or maintenance, we want to improve the efficiency of our managements in both countries. Last but not least, we want to share our cultural heritage in comforting our friendship.


Professor Dominique Valla

Head of Hepatology Department at Beaujon Hospital, University of Paris VII, France

International Expert in Vascular Liver Diseases


The liver diseases could differ in the incidence and prevalence of their etiologies between Egypt and France. Nevertheless, sharing our experience could add to both sides in both common and different diseases. We hope that this website could help improve our care for patients with liver diseases by sharing our experience and add another link of friendship and cooperation between our two countries.
The site aims to provide the readers with updates and new trends in the management of liver diseases while respecting the evidence-based medicine. The site will also provide information on meetings and scientific events related to liver diseases. The website will host each month an International Professor to answer questions related to his field of expertise in the management of liver diseases.

The Eighth Scientific meeting between Theodor Bilharz Research Institute and Beaujon Hospital


The meeting will be held Tuesday the 5th of April 2016 in the main hall of Theodor Bilharz Research Institute in Giza – Egypt.

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- Liver transplantation and hepatitis C virus

- Hepatobiliary tumors an emerging Entity

- The Egyptian National HCV Control Program Treatment outcome in the Era of DAAs

- Update in abdominal Surgery in cirrhotic patients

- Management of Infections in Liver Transplantation Setting


Prof Patrick MarcellinThe 10th Paris Hepatitis conference 2017


The International conference on the Management of patients with Viral Hepatitis will be held in Paris the 30th and 31th of January 2017
Please find enclosed the very last version of the programme:


This corner will shed the light on the joint Egyptian French scientific activities in the field of Hepatology.




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The 7th annual meeting between Theodor Bilharz Research Institute and Beaujon Hospital - Sunday the 16th of November 2014 at 10 AM ,


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Tribute to Jean-Pierre Benhamou

Jean-Pierre Benhamou


Professor Jean Pierre Benhamou the international leader of Hepatology died on September 17th 2008, this a tribute to him written by Professor Dominique Valla ... More


Interview with Professor Valerie Paradis from the pathology department of Beaujon Hospital

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